Leverage Enterprises, Inc.

Junk Removal/ Donation Pick-Up Team Leaders & Members (residential & commercial hauling)


Nottingham, MD


Full Time

College Hunks Hauling Junk is looking to hire motivated, responsible, efficient, high-performing individuals with previous moving experience and/or individuals with a desire to train to become a Hauling Team Member or a Hauling Team Leader.


As an employee of College Hunks Hauling Junk you will help College Hunk. #MOVETHEWORLD one residence or business at a time. College Hunks strives not to just sell a service, but an experience to each and every one of our client’s. Any able bodied person is able to grab a pick-up truck, advertise on Craigslist and offer junk removal themselves, but we offer competitive advantages to our client’s through our business plan that sets us apart from any other moving company.


The Baltimore location of College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving opened during the Summer of 2014. In our second full year(2016) of business, we boasted a 30% growth rate and grossed over $725,000 after a $525,000 gross revenue first full year of operation(2015). In 2017 we eclipsed the 1 million dollar mark in overall gross revenue.  We need your help to take College HUNKS of Baltimore to the next level, $2-3 million dollars in 2018 and beyond!


 Do you want to be a part of a growing organization and fun, enthusiastic, team culture? ---->

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Company Culture –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv4BQCdN9l4 - #EveryMoveMatters

Company Culture –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kn8WD4npKA - CHHJ&M Music Video

Company Vision –

https://vimeo.com/194996874/7bf39776a2 - Moving Upward

Company Advertisement –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZvpfzBeG6g - #MoveTheWorld



What will my job consist of?


As a Hauling Team Member on one of our 11ft Switch-N-Go trucks here at College Hunks Hauling Junk of Baltimore, your job will consist of efficiently and safely completing both residential and commercial hauling services such as estimates and jobs for junk removal, donation pick-up & general labor services as well as daily marketing activities. Junk Removal estimates and jobs can include anything from shed & hot tub removals to estate, office &/or hoarder cleanouts all the way to to picking up a wide variety of furniture & household items. Donation Pick-Ups are jobs where our team will come pick-up whatever items and furniture from a client’s house to be delivered to the local donation center. General Labor estimates and jobs can range from helping put up pictures and complete household chores for a client and/or yard work. Your other responsibilities will include helping the driver navigate around Baltimore County, Baltimore City, & Harford County and more importantly help the Team Leader perform & complete all necessary tasks including jobs, deliveries, and/or scrap transportation. This is a labor intensive job and many of our staff substitutes their trips to the gym with a shift at work.



What kind of hours can I expect?


Our franchise operates Monday - Sunday, 6:00am to 8:00pm.


Hauling Services can start anywhere between 6:00am and 6:00pm. For a 6:00am hauling service, you can expect to arrive at the truck or office 1.0 hour before the scheduled arrival window of the service, meaning that if the first scheduled hauling service of the day is scheduled at 6:00am, you’d be expected to be at the truck or office at 5:00am, likewise if the first hauling service of the day was 9:00am, you'd be expected to report to the office at 8:00am.


There are circumstances where you will be working past normal business hours as well. This doesn’t happen often, but we do complete some larger or special VIP Commercial jobs outside of normal business hours such as jobs for local professional sport teams, large corporations, and foundations. We also have one All-Staff meeting every month that all employees are required to attend. This meeting is scheduled outside of normal business hours usually.


We currently are offering part-time positions (10-40 hours a week) with the distinct possibility (and management’s hope) to receive full-time hours (30-40 hours a week) consistently all dependent on what the employee is looking for as well as his or her performance.


Hours are 100% performance based meaning that if you are performing higher than others; you will be rewarded with more, consistent, hours.



Why are we hiring?


We are currently hiring to inexperience haulers in order to help expand our business from a $1 million dollar organization to a $2-$3 million dollar organization next year. We also are recruiting experienced haulers to help strengthen our hauling team by bringing experience and leadership to the team. We are looking to grow our business and to do so we need more team members and leaders trained to be prepared for more clients and services.



Who are we looking for?


This job is ideal for;

  • College Students - during and in between semesters (flexible scheduling available!!!)
  • High School/College Aged Individuals - not in school or taking a break)
  • Retired Fireman Police personnel
  • Volunteer and/or Professional Firemen - looking to make extra money
  • Personal Trainers looking to make extra money
  • Veterans
  • 12ft-16ft straight truck Delivery Drivers &/or Helpers - looking for something new
  • Retail Salespersons (Shoes, Clothes, and the like) - looking for something new or make extra money
  • Waiters/Servers - looking to make extra money
  • Bartenders - looking to make extra money
  • Graduate Students - searching for income
  • Weekend Workers (Fri, Sa, and/or Sun) - looking to keep themselves busy on the weekends
  • The Young @ Heart
  • Residential and Commercial Haulers - looking for a change of scenery


In short, we are looking for those individuals with or without hauling experience that enjoys hands on labor intensive work, is 100% customer service oriented, and has the willingness & commitment to train to become a Hauling Team Member or Hauling Team Leader.


We are looking for some HUNKS (Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Students or Service) that:


- have high energy and endurance

- enjoys working and communicating with a people

- wants to learn and help grow with the company and individually

- is respectful and polite to all

- has a competitive nature/spirit

- have a sales mentality

- have positive, never say never attitude

- 100% team oriented

- looks for more out of their job than just a paycheck, someone who genuinely cares about the overall well-being of others

- enjoys a fun and enthusiastic team environment

- has a sense of dedication, commitment, accountability, and focus



What criteria or requirements MUST a candidate have for consideration?


- Posses a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record (or the ability and desire to attain one)

- Must have reliable transportation

- Ability to lift and walk with 75 pounds for an extended period of time
- Drug and Alcohol Free
- Ability to pass a Federal Background check



What kind of pay can I expect?

Earn $9 - $13 an hour plus gratuity/tips and bonus opportunities as a Hauling Team Member (Wingman/Helper) which really can accumulate to $17.50 /hr or more with tips with no experience.

With previous hauling experience, a good and clean driving record, a valid driver's license, you could earn $12 - $16 an hour plus gratuity/tips and bonus opportunities as a Hauling Team Leader (Captain/Driver) which really can accumulate to $22.50 /hr or more with tips!

We pay our movers start to finish, including the prep and clean up time before and after the move unlike most move companies which will only pay you by the weight of the load or only for the time you are in front of the client!

Each member of the truck earns about $20 - $100 per day in tips which is 100% and solely dependent upon performance, number of jobs completed, their lengths and extremities and the type of client.

Monthly & Yearly Bonuses are offered for good reviews and truck efficiency as well as monthly team outings for hitting revenue and percentage goals that have included attending an Orioles game, bowling, dinner or breakfast gatherings, laser tag, and Dave & Buster’s in recent history!





Areas Serviced:







Baltimore City

Roland Park

Johns Hopkins


Federal Hill

Fed Hill


Inner Harbor

Little Italy

Fells Point



Baltimore County

Harford County

Dulaney Valley




Hunt Valley


Forest Hill




Bel Air

Perry Hall


White Marsh

Putty Hill

Loch Raven




Middle River

Owings Mills



Milford Mill



White Hall

Rodgers Forge




Key Words:

customer service



team lead



truck manager

truck assistant

truck helper

labor intensive

crew leader


crew member

Job Type: Part-Time with Full -Time possibilities if wanted



Leverage Enterprises, Inc. is independently owned and operated by a franchisee. Your application will go directly to the franchisee, and all hiring decisions will be made by the management of that franchise. All inquiries about employment at this franchise should be made directly to the franchisee, and not to College Hunks Hauling Junk Corporate.

Company Website: collegehunkshaulingjunk.com

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